Deana Bell

My career today is an almost exact match with the professional vision I had for myself in college. I knew I wanted to be an actuary early on. I envisioned myself in a business setting, doing some sort of high-level analysis, and being in consulting was part of my vision. I love the challenge and the rapid pace of consulting. It’s gratifying to be valued by your client because you’ve produced real solutions to their problems. I didn't expect that I would work on so much complex programming (in SAS and Excel VB), but I'm glad I do.

I was excited to move to Seattle.

My former boss gave my résumé to the Seattle equity principals when I was finishing up an internship at a life insurance company. Milliman came highly recommended.

Actuarial work is intellectually challenging.

I love the variety and complexity of the problems we face each day. Most of my days involve doing data analysis, using computer programming and spreadsheets, thinking about and researching problems posed by our clients, and managing clients’ projects at various stages.

Our clients don't hire us to do the routine work during busy season. They hire us for long-term problems they cannot solve on their own.

We hear a lot about healthcare delivery and its costs these days. My work affects this because the results we deliver to our clients become a part of the decision-making process for big companies and institutions. Actuaries are adept at synthesizing information and data, using mathematical and statistical concepts and using advanced technology with a focus on financial risk. This combination of skills is unusual and extremely beneficial in the current economic environment.

Just like the bees.

My workplace is a busy one, with people walking in and out of offices, asking questions, collaborating, catching up socially, and participating on client conference calls. It's like a beehive, where everyone is working hard but there is a lot of contact and interaction between us (and yes, we're quite busy, just like the bees).

Our whole staff likes to make jokes and keep the mood light throughout the day, and most of us are very close. We go out to lunch and get together after work on a regular basis.

I don't like to work long hours. But I do take pride in the work I produce, so I don’t mind working late when the project deadline demands it.

I find that my work schedule is flexible and I don't have to miss out on fun events at night and on weekends.

I enjoy exploring the nightlife of Seattle.

I love the many restaurants and bars. I like to go to movies as well as rock and electronica concerts. I also enjoy reading, cooking, and traveling.

Our work culture is focused on perfecting our craft, creating good solutions, and presenting our solutions to our clients.

Everyone on staff is very intellectual and obsessed with solving problems. As a firm, we get great satisfaction with every deliverable because the work is interesting and complex. It’s also nice to be recognized as real experts. At Milliman, it helps to have a dynamic personality and the ability to relate to many different kinds of people.

We are relentless when it comes to solving problems and our experience is unparalleled.

We have powerful proprietary tools at our disposal, and each independent Milliman office is a resource for all the others. We also depend on the rigor of our peer review protocols, which keeps our solutions sound and free of common errors.

Why Milliman?

Response to a client: We will handle your problem efficiently and deal with any nuances that emerge as the project progresses. We have access to a vast body of healthcare knowledge and experts.

Response to a job candidate: Boredom is nonexistent here. Our workplace is enjoyable and the work is highly interesting. Our compensation and bonus structure are very good. You'll be in charge of your own professional development with the support of a very accomplished staff.

At Milliman, you can be "promoted" without the formality of the corporate ladder. I was surprised by how easy it is to take on new responsibilities. We have plenty of room for everyone who wants to attain a certain professional level.