Noah Buck

The professional culture here is very progressive. My job includes a good mix of technical, business, and professional skills, which is personally appealing. We are regularly studying the industry, taking exams, and sharing information with one another. This culture helps us stay on the leading edge of the industry. Milliman’s leaders are smart and flexible, so the company was allowed to grow into benefits administration, an area that offered opportunity for growth.

The organization here is relatively flat, so there’s a lot less bureaucracy than in other companies.

At Milliman we enjoy a healthy culture of ideas, learning, sharing, and a culture of good decision making.

We’re a flexible company and therefore we can say “yes” to a variety of client needs.

We are independent and transparent compared with many of our competitors, so our employee benefit plan administration service is easy to believe in from both sides of the table.

We keep the mood light but take our work seriously.

The workplace is very professional, though we dress business casual. We have great IT support, which makes our jobs easier. We enjoy extracurricular activities such as the company picnic and the golf league. I enjoy working with the smart, motivated people here.

Milliman hires good, responsible people, and then takes a relatively “hands-off” approach.

I have a healthy work/life balance, and Milliman definitely facilitates that. The company knows (and trusts) that their employees take their job seriously; if they have to leave work an hour early one day, they’ll work an hour later the next. Or if there’s an important deadline, employees buy into the fact that it makes sense to stay late or bring a little work home.

When I’m not working, I enjoy working on home improvements, golfing, and hiking.

I didn’t expect to have management experience this early in my career.

Now that I’m less naïve about the reality of “life after college,” I feel lucky to have chosen Milliman instead of a more bureaucratic, inflexible company—not to mention a less successful one. Leaders in the company seem to make relatively few hiring mistakes. Nearly everyone we’ve hired fits into the unique culture.

There’s a lot to learn in our industry, so try not to feel overwhelmed, because it takes time. Also, you’ll get out of your job what you put in. If you work hard to succeed, it will pay off.

Why Milliman?

If I were talking to a client or prospect: Although you might not know our name, we can provide the same, if not better, services and expertise as the big name companies.

If I were talking to a job candidate: We’re a smart, progressive company that not enough people know about yet. You can create your own path to happiness here.