Pat Renzi

With Integrate, we’re not just selling software tools. We’re using technology as a means of providing transformative solutions. We work with organizations to change the way they work and use technology to facilitate that. Ultimately, we’re making actuaries’ jobs better.

Financial reporting has become much more complex than it has been historically. Many organizations believe that if there is five times more work, they need five times more people. What we’re saying is that’s not necessarily true. It is about rethinking the way you work – making changes to people, processes, and technology to work smarter. With Integrate, your high value resources are freed up to spend less time on production and more time on analysis and communication.

The most interesting aspect of Integrate is participating in the evolution of transforming the culture of the organization. We’re giving companies powerful tools to create an infrastructure that will allow them to work much more efficiently and effectively. Our approach to Integrate implementations is very collaborative. On a personal level, I enjoy that we become a part of the client’s organization. Our team and theirs are in the trenches together. It can be scary for an organization when doing a business transformation project. Working side by side helps to alleviate that fear. We can visualize what’s ahead and see that positive impact coming to bear.

Our practice has evolved because of Integrate. As a practice, what’s driving our decisions is Integrate. Our team includes actuaries, software developers, IT operations specialists, QA professionals, project managers, sales and marketing staff, and data professionals. Focusing on large transformative projects and providing Software as a Service solutions has necessitated significant changes in the way we work too! It has been really interesting to bring so many talented professionals with such varied backgrounds together to all work on bringing innovative and unique solutions to the industry.

My group is now called Life Technology Solutions. Two practices merged and then we developed Integrate. We’re not a single product practice anymore, and we needed a name to reflect that. With the huge changes we have made to our team, our technology and our services, we wanted a name to reflect that evolution and Life Technology Solutions captures that.

In 2010, I went to the Cannes Film Festival to see my son's film in competition. Even though we were in the middle of trying to win a big project, there was no way I was going to miss it. But all the flights were cancelled because of weather, so I took the train to Paris and then drove to Cannes. Just as I arrived, they were starting the press conference for his movie. It was surreal to see my “little boy” at a press conference at Cannes. It was almost unbelievable to see someone you love and have nurtured in that setting. I was very proud of him that day and love seeing his other projects. He is premiering his second feature as the writer/director at the 2015 Tribeca Film Festival.

What's really special about being elected an equity principal within Milliman is the fact that it represents the recognition of your peers. And your peers at Milliman are such incredible people. They're just the best in their industries. So to be recognized as their partner was pretty overwhelming and an incredible honor.

I feel the same way about being elected to the board of directors—to be chosen is an unbelievable honor. Milliman is full of such talented people, and it’s a tremendous opportunity to represent those very talented people. That they’ve put that trust in my hands means so much. Milliman, over its history, has been an actuarial consulting firm. The board has always been made up of actuaries. To have me on the board—a non-actuary from a product group, working with technology—is indicative of how Milliman has changed. Over the past 15 years, we’ve expanded, and professionally, we are no longer just actuaries. We offer products and technology and investment advisory services and international services—all while retaining our culture. To be on the board, to be a steward of this change, is a great opportunity. This is a chance to really understand the inner workings of Milliman and help shape our direction while we are undergoing these changes.

The most significant outcome of my work is putting the right tools in the hands of creative, bright people. I help talented actuaries utilize their talents to add value to the organization.