Patrick Meghen

I am an actuarial student in the Life consultancy practice in Dublin. I provide actuarial services, assist with product development, carry out hedge-fund pricing, calculate monthly and quarterly reserves, and provide general technical assistance and advice.

There is a very inclusive culture in Milliman. Every employee is capable of making a real contribution from day one. New students work alongside principals, and their views and opinions are valued, which is quite unique.

I wanted to work in an environment where I could get a taste for several different types of work. Variety makes my work more interesting and contributes to expanding my knowledge base. I also wanted a role that would allow me to use a wide range of skills. Consultancy fit this bill and—as one of the premier actuarial consultancy firms—Milliman was an ideal match.

There are certain times of the year when deadlines are tight and there is a heavy workload, but this is compensated for at other times when work isn't as pressing. The culture is sensitive to your personal schedule and, even in the busiest times, it can be flexible to accommodate your needs.

There is a great atmosphere in the company. Everybody is extremely friendly and many of the employees socialize together after hours. Everybody works quite hard but still manages to take the time to create relationships on a personal level.

I play a lot of soccer. In season, I typically play or train four times a week, either with my club in Dublin, or with a team of college friends. I also go to the gym, run, play squash, and take part in the Milliman tag rugby team.

My primary aim is to qualify as a Fellow of the Institute of Actuaries, which would allow me to progress into more senior roles. I'd also like to learn to speak Chinese.

It's all about meeting the client's needs. Milliman holds a unique combination of knowledge, objectivity and critical thinking, and offers an extremely high level of service. Our expertise and hard work stays focused on ensuring the best is delivered to our clients in everything we do.