Ramona Dolan

My main focus is on statutory reporting to both the Central Bank of Ireland in respect of life assurance companies, and to the Pensions Board in respect of personal retirement savings accounts (PRSAs). I am also involved in a wide variety of projects, including new head office applications, system testing, client training, and reporting.

There is much uncertainty in the market at the moment as a result of both the economic downturn and pending European regulatory changes, so people are keen to have a professional view as to how these changes might impact them and what steps they can take to prepare for the future.

The client is always our priority in any project and we will do whatever is in our power to ensure they are happy with the end product. We want the client to feel that they got value for the fees paid.

What differentiates Milliman from our competitors is that we are more selective about the work we can and will do, thereby ensuring that we have the right skill set for any job undertaken and there are no questions from an ethical point of view.

Our team contains a good mixture of both actuarial trainees and qualified actuaries. Our qualified actuaries have worked in a number of life assurance companies in Ireland and would be viewed as some of the most knowledgeable in the Irish market. Trainees support the qualified actuaries on most assignments and so gain valuable experience. Our office is quite different from larger organisations in that all levels work together, which helps to build up good relationships with all.

The experience you gain whilst working with Milliman will serve you well in your future career. Because you will be working in an environment which deals with a variety of tasks, the skills and knowledge you will learn will be very transferable. Our retention rate indicates that our office is very much an environment where people are happy to spend a number of years.

My career has developed very much in line with my expectations. I have at this point qualified as an actuary and I have recently obtained a Practising Certificate from the Society of Actuaries in Ireland to act as Appointed Actuary. I have obtained a vast degree of experience and continue to be faced with new challenges.

Milliman has facilitated my work/life balance greatly by allowing me to work from home two days per week. Other employees have benefitted from being able to take unpaid leave for a number of months for a variety of reasons.

Sligo Rovers FC forms a key part of my social life. I have been an avid supporter all my life and continue to support them at both home and away games. C'mon the Rovers!