Troy Filipek

I think you would be hard pressed to find a more flexible and rewarding position in any other large actuarial firm. Milliman truly lets you chart your own course when it comes to building a career, and if you are successful, the financial rewards are superior.

I was surprised by the level of responsibility that Milliman gave me early in my career.

They recognized that I was on a fast career track and, rather than holding me back based on my age, they encouraged me to keep taking the next step to further my career.

The career growth and financial rewards came faster than I expected.

I can't imagine making a better career choice than I did with Milliman.

I knew about Milliman through Steve Brink, an equity principal in the Milwaukee Health practice until the late 1990's. Steve Brink was a client of my father's and together they steered me toward the actuarial profession.

My father already had some background on the actuarial field through his career as a financial representative and insurance agent for Northwestern Mutual, the largest individual life insurer in the United States. Steve helped my father understand that Milliman was the place to be for an actuary looking for career growth opportunities and excellent financial rewards. His advice was enough to get me to look past an actuarial career at my father's own employer for better opportunities at Milliman, and I have not looked back.

Milliman decided early on that it wanted to diversify within the healthcare arena.

As opposed to working primarily for a single type of customer (employers) as many consulting firms do, Milliman diversified to other customers (health plans, government agencies, pharmaceutical companies, LTC insurers, etc.), so we are now well positioned for a changing healthcare model and we understand the full spectrum of entities involved in the health sector.

As actuaries, we understand the underlying risks that have driven this economic turmoil.

Whether it is our mortgage area that predicted the credit market collapse or our life area that developed hedging tools to mitigate life product risks, Milliman consultants have the skill sets and the foresight to see the economic issues coming and develop strategies to respond.

Our practice operates like a free-agency system, in which you work on various teams depending on your skill set and available time.

I really enjoy the ability to work with a lot of different people on different projects within the course of a week or even a day.

Our office tends to be very laid back and operates under an "open door" policy in which you can approach anyone with questions or insights. The people are great—I couldn't imagine working with better colleagues.

I love playing tennis and golf. I am also a big fan of spectator sports. I have season tickets to the Green Bay Packers and the Milwaukee Bucks, and I see a few Wisconsin Badgers football and basketball games and at least a half dozen Milwaukee Brewer games every year.

I also enjoy going to music concerts and traveling. I go to a dozen concerts every year—mostly classic rock. Milwaukee’s Summerfest music festival is always a big event for me.

As for traveling, I've been to Europe four times, Canada twice (with a third visit this fall), Mexico, and almost every major U.S. city. My wife and I like to be on the go as much as possible. We live by the "work hard, play hard" mantra.

I've found that Milliman allows you the flexibility to manage your work/life balance according to your priorities and aligns the financial rewards accordingly.

I think consultants in general should expect to have more swings in the number of hours they work from week to week given that we work for external customers directly.

I enjoy helping a customer comprehend a concept they didn't understand or helping to quantify a risk that they weren’t able to. Seeing the face of someone who understands and truly appreciates something you taught them is the most rewarding part of the work we do.

I never expected to become as involved in recruiting as I am now. I’m the recruiting leader for the Milwaukee Healthcare practice. I enjoy meeting with students who are in the same shoes I was in seven to 10 years ago.

The best thing about my job is the unlimited growth potential, great work flexibility, and exceptional financial compensation.

Why Milliman?

The best people, the best assignments, the best financial rewards.