Erica Wilson

How long have you been at Milliman? Why did you decide to join?

I am in my first year at Milliman and just completed six months here.

I joined Milliman from a Big 4 firm. While there, I realized that wasn’t what I wanted. I worked for many years in the actuarial departments of life insurance companies and wanted to move from working for a single company into consulting. A former colleague went to Milliman, and he told me what a great company it was.

I came to Milliman because I believed it would give me the opportunity to engage in more innovative work. I had heard so many good things about Milliman—about its inclusive culture and employee engagement, for example.

The culture here is different. If I have questions, there is someone to help me, someone who can offer expertise.

There is no limit to the type of work I can do here.

What is your work background?

Right out of university, I worked for a few years as a labor force statistician for the government of Jamaica. While there, I started the Society of Actuaries exams and acquired a job in the actuarial department of a life insurance company. I worked at that company and the Caribbean company that later acquired it for nine years. The actuarial department there was small, so I gained wide experience in all actuarial aspects, but my specialization was product implementation.

I then relocated to the United States, where I gained 10 years of experience working at two large financial institutions and at a Big 4 firm. At those companies, I worked in product implementation support, individual life insurance pricing, and ultimately in actuarial modeling.

What is your favorite thing about Milliman?

I really have the opportunity to do different types of work. I can design my own career. I can get involved with different offices and work on a variety of projects.

I also see Milliman as trendsetting in the insurance industry. The team I work with is bringing a revolutionary solution to the market to assist companies with transforming their actuarial processes.

I’ve been doing modeling work for years, so my familiarity with different actuarial modeling systems helped me get up to speed quickly. What’s exciting about Milliman is that I’m now working on the most advanced system in the industry.

Can you give an example of a uniquely “Milliman” approach to helping a client address a challenge or solve a particular problem?

I work with the Milliman’s life technology solutions team, and the team understands the challenges an insurance company faces with managing all the models that are used during the financial reporting process. I can tell you that it gets very time consuming and inefficient for companies to control the update of all the models used during the production cycle. One of the solutions offered by the team is the Integrate Model Development system that assists the client in consolidating their models and maintaining documentation of changes, ultimately cutting the processing time during the production cycle.

What skills/experience do you see becoming more important for your profession in the future?

As actuaries, our primary training is in identifying and managing risks. Changes in the future will bring new risks, which means new challenges for companies. With our training, we are poised to help companies identify and manage these risks.

In your experience, what types of employees respond well to the work environment in your practice?

In my practice, it’s important that employees are comfortable in a fast-moving, dynamic environment, and that they are able to adapt to meet future challenges. As new regulations come into effect, we will have to keep on top of any changing requirements.

As client-facing employees, we also have to listen to our clients and help them find the right solutions.

Is technology transforming the way you work? How do you use technology to help your clients?

The use of improved technology is at the forefront of my work. Insurance companies are faced with the huge challenge of maintaining their many models, and Milliman’s Integrate Model Development solution helps them consolidate their models and streamline the modeling process.

What are the rewards and challenges of working on-site at a client company?

Being on-site with a client brings clarity to the work. I can see clients’ reactions. I can walk down the aisle to talk to someone who can assist me with finding data. It really helps with meeting deadlines.

What advice would you give someone starting out at Milliman?

Try to get up to speed as quickly as possible. See where you can contribute. Reach out to people with expertise for help.

People are very helpful and happy to point you in the right direction.

Expect to work on different projects. Be open to different locations and changes. Be adaptable.