Heathcare Practice

Innovate and thrive

The healthcare field is in flux—and we are ready for the challenge.

Milliman has earned a global reputation as a leading provider of healthcare solutions. Our consulting services, analytical tools, and groundbreaking clinical and cost guidelines help clients optimize operations, manage claim costs, and improve quality of care.

We work side-by-side with payors, providers, employers, and governments, drawing on decades of experience and a comprehensive understanding of the healthcare industry to guide them through the reform environment. In addition to our independent analysis, our clients rely on Milliman's industry standard best practices, well-established benchmarks, and precise analytics to help them make clinical care, pricing, and underwriting decisions with confidence.

Milliman's healthcare practice is a diverse group that includes actuaries, clinicians, technology specialists, policy experts—all of whom can be counted among the best in their respective fields. They are here because working at Milliman gives them the opportunity to help shape the future of healthcare.

Such a complex and fast-changing industry requires a full spectrum of experts and innovators; which is why we’re always looking to add nimble thinkers at every level of experience to our ranks.

Because as healthcare evolves, we expect to maintain our usual position: one step ahead.