MG-ALFA Compute for Azure — Evidence

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Life insurers will often run models that may take thousands of hours to run. MG-ALFA Compute for Azure can help you reduce that processing time to just a few hours. Our customers have access to thousands or tens of thousands of processors at the flick of a switch—so they will spend more time analyzing the results as opposed to waiting for them.

“It was a huge eye opener, tapping into a vast array of resource capacity that allows us to deliver the actuarial modeling significantly faster than anyone had seen before.” Tony Kassimiotis, Managing Director, Operations, Phoenix Life


MG-ALFA Compute for Windows Azure is a turnkey solution that can be activated in hours. You will get greater modeling capacity, accelerated results, and increased confidence in what you are reporting.

MG-ALFA Compute for Azure offers a solution that works well in a variety of situations:

  • For companies that prefer to meet all of their computing needs through cloud-based outsourcing rather than invest in computing infrastructure
  • For companies that already have an internal grid but that would like to use cloud computing for access to additional capacity during peak usage periods
  • For companies that are looking to phase out their internal grid over time due to high costs and competition over resources