Retirement plan administration systems

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Milliman's comprehensive retirement plan administration systems stand above the competition for their flexibility, security, and sophistication. Both our participant and plan sponsor Web sites are custom designed for each client.

Participant Web Service Center

Participants can easily manage their retirement options online through our intuitive, user-friendly participant Web site. The At-A-Glance page displays all the highlights of a participant's complete financial picture, from contributions and investments to loans and account history. The participant education section offers clear information geared for workers at a variety of career stages.

The site also offers more than a dozen tools and calculators, allowing participants to run numerous projections. A series of EZ Guides walks participants through various election processes.

Plan Sponsor Web Service Center

Our Web center for plan sponsors includes a powerful report writer that can generate customized reports. It also allows sponsors to manage multiple plans or multiple company divisions, seeing data in real time.

A company with many divisions can provide reporting by group code, allowing managers to analyze information relevant to their particular objectives. As well, a company with multiple plans can track pension plans, defined contribution plans, and nonqualified plans that include various employee groups. Top executives with numerous retirement benefit programs may find this feature especially beneficial. The system offers multiple layers of security. While participants can only access data for plans in which they are enrolled, HR managers can view all company plans and use this tool for plan management.



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