Federal and state government contracting services: Employee benefits consulting

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Milliman’s extensive experience in contracting with federal and state governments enables us to assist agencies with critical and complex issues, including retirement funding, healthcare financing, risk management, and regulatory compliance. Our actuaries and advisers are leaders in their fields, having diverse experience with some of the largest state and federal agencies. We work closely with our clients to ensure they have an overall picture of their current situation, the market, and potential course of action. Milliman has successfully developed and maintained federal contract status under the General Services Administration (GSA), including the schedules Mission Oriented Business Integrated Services (MOBIS) and Financial and Business Solutions (FABS). Our work spans key service areas such as:

Employee Benefits Consulting

As one of the largest consulting and actuarial firms in the United States, we are recognized leaders who have helped shape significant changes in the employee benefit industry. Milliman delivers market-leading services and solutions to clients worldwide. Our consultants offer assistance in the development of employee benefit packages. We literally wrote the book on public pension plan consulting and are a market leader in providing actuarial and consulting services to state and municipal plans. These services include evaluation of the adequacy of contribution rates and review of the performance and pricing of managed care organizations. We prepare annual reports including reserve and liability calculations. Our experience also includes assisting clients in the carve-out of prescription drug benefits. We help develop bidder lists, assist in drafting Request for Proposals, and conduct cost comparisons for each of the proposals received.

Policy analysis and compliance

We routinely provide agencies with analyses of the fiscal impact of proposed legislation, and are frequently called upon to testify before legislative committees and councils concerning the actuarial implications of proposed changes to benefit plans. We use a proactive approach with our research to support and facilitate plan adjustments required in a constantly shifting regulatory environment. We help agencies successfully interpret, implement, and comply with laws by providing regulatory advice and counsel. Milliman maintains a Research Group that tracks and analyzes all legislation and regulations affecting retirement, health and welfare, and executive compensation programs. The group prepares comments on proposed regulations of the Department of Labor, the IRS, the Pension Benefit Guaranty Corporation, and other regulatory agencies. They maintain a comprehensive library with access to a broad array of current and historical documents pertaining to benefits. The Research Group maintains a comprehensive database containing news, source documents, and benefit-related data readily available to all our consultants.

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