Peter Lin

I joined the FRM practice of the London office in September 2008 and occasionally I work in the Chicago office, too. I was attracted to working with a relatively small team in London because it allows me to work on many different and interesting projects from live risk monitoring and rebalancing for various hedge programs to designing and providing economic scenarios to suit the clients' need.

Here at the London office, we provide tailored hedging solutions to guarantee embedded life insurance products for European insurance companies.

While working in Chicago, I learned about ice hockey and went to watch the Blackhawks in their play-offs!

I never expected to contribute to an IAA monograph as one of my first assignments.

Milliman is the European and global leader in financial risk management within the insurance consulting industry.

Milliman is unique in its ability to draw on its vast actuarial experience. This, along with its mission to constantly improve itself and the service to its clients, positions us to excel in the new and uncharted current economic environment.

I knew that at Milliman, junior members are given a lot of responsibility soon after joining, which is something you rarely find in other big actuarial firms.

My team is made up of qualified actuaries and I feel fortunate to learn from their collective experience and insight. They’re always happy and willing to answer any questions. We have a strong sense of team spirit; even as a junior member, my work is respected and I often have a direct impact on the services we provide to our clients.

Milliman is unique in the way it builds small teams with vast amount of collective experience.

This expertise is a combination of both traditional actuarial knowledge and experience in working with the capital market.

Milliman has the flattest corporate structure I’ve ever seen.

Our office is very friendly and approachable. You can have a chat with anybody in the office. We have a good rapport both in the office and after work, when we go for drinks. As the only actuarial student on my team, I also socialize with other students from different practices around the Milliman office.

I play rugby with a club near the office during the weekends.

I also play football with colleagues from the office. Most of the time, I’m able to balance my work and personal life well. As deadlines for bigger projects approach, there will always be circumstances requiring the dedication of more time for work, but the payoff is always a sense of achievement and job satisfaction.

I’d like to learn to speak another European language.

I speak two languages fluently, Chinese and English, and I have a basic understanding of Latin, but unfortunately that language is long dead.

I help clients monitor and manage their risk sensitivities, i.e., the “Greeks,” of their business.

The different risk sensitivities of a guaranteed insurance product are denoted by Greek letters-- e.g., the sensitivity to the movements of underlying invested stock is delta and the sensitivity to interest rate movements is rho. Collectively, these sensitivities are known as "the Greeks" that exist in guaranteed products.

After I graduated, I was looking to apply my financial mathematics knowledge in an interesting and challenging environment.

My work at Milliman matches that vision perfectly.