Mary Ann McMahon

The best thing about my job is that each day is different. I work on a variety of projects and with a range of client types. I am an associate actuary who primarily estimates insurance rates and reserves for various types of clients, such as insurance companies, self-insured companies, and state insurance departments.

A college friend introduced me to the actuarial profession. In doing my research on the top actuarial consulting firms, I found Milliman.

One of the most unique aspects of Milliman’s culture is its dual nature of collaboration and individualism. The company is essentially a network of highly intelligent and experienced actuaries.

At the same time, Milliman enables consultants to be individuals who run their own projects and develop areas of expertise to be shared with their colleagues.

Since the beginning of my career, I have had the opportunity to work closely on projects with top consultants who have more than 25 years of experience in the field. I have worked one on one with them and learned valuable actuarial skills from them. This is an experience that is truly unique to Milliman.

I knew going in that an actuarial career was not going to be easy.  

I knew that working for a top actuarial consulting firm and achieving a fellowship in the Casualty Actuarial Society was going to be demanding and difficult. At the same time, I value my personal time and wanted to ensure that I could have a fulfilling personal life. I am a natural organizer, so I applied this to my work life to ensure that I was able to do it all. When I am not working, I enjoy playing soccer, traveling, and socializing with family and friends.

I love what I do, who I work for, and who I work with.

I am extremely happy with my career. I am surprised that I found this level of happiness in my first job after college. Most people change careers and jobs numerous times throughout their lives, but I don't envision myself doing that.

I was happy to find such a close-knit community of property and casualty actuaries working here at Milliman. These actuaries are eager to help one another with new projects and challenges that come along.

An actuarial consulting firm like Milliman is very well suited to managing risk in the current economic environment.

Milliman brings to the table a wide range of expertise in insurance and insurance-related fields. It is this broad knowledge base that is essential in managing risk in the current (and future) economic environment.

I work with a team of highly intelligent and personable people.

I like to describe the Boston office of Milliman in this way—we work hard and we play hard. Everyone here is highly intelligent and motivated, and we all take pride in high-quality work. We all like to have fun when the work is done.