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Streamline your reserving process with our new solution for property and casualty loss reserve analysis. Arius Enterprise is the complete platform to manage your department’s workflow, from claims data through detailed analysis to final reports.

For casualty actuaries and reserving teams in larger and more complex insurers, the reserve review seems to feel a little more like a race every quarter. You continually have more data and reserve segments to get through and less time to do it. And yet you still have to be confident in all your results at the end of the cycle.

Arius Enterprise is specifically designed to help you manage this process. It helps your team get more analysis work done, and potentially more reliably. By handling many of the mundane but necessary parts of the process, Arius Enterprise allows your professionals to spend more time in the areas that require your expertise, where you can provide more valuable insight into key management decisions. Arius Enterprise builds upon our popular Arius loss analysis toolset, adding capabilities that help provide an efficient, reliable, and more in-depth process for sophisticated reserve departments. It includes:

  • A centralized database so all analysts have direct access to the data they need, when they need it
  • Process automation to help with such routine steps as new period setup, initial selections and actual versus expecteds, and batch printing of reports
  • Summarization tools to help efficiently pull the analyses together
  • Graphic and data visualization tools for clear presentations of results and key management information
  • Project management tools to keep track of all ongoing projects and to help make the most efficient use of your resources
  • Security and governance controls over all aspects of the team’s work

The system is based on and takes full advantage of Microsoft’s reliable Azure cloud computing platform, giving your team secure access to the tools and data they need to get their jobs done. It also relies on Microsoft’s industry-leading Power BI data visualization solution for clear, modern dashboards and management reporting to company leadership.

Click here to learn more about how Arius Enterprise can provide you a more efficient and reliable reserve review process, and allow you and your team to spend your time doing what most adds value to your organization.

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