Hospital Operating Costs and Performance Benchmarks Report — FAQ

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Where do you get your data?

The data and resources used to build your customized Milliman Hospital Operating Costs and Performance Benchmarks report come from publically available Medicare claims and cost report data, and from Milliman's proprietary RBRVS for Hospitals™.

Does the report contain any private information?

The report adheres to all patient privacy policies and regulations, and all data security and patient protection rules are followed. Individual hospitals are removed from our analysis if their data don’t properly protect patient privacy.

Is my hospital included?

Customized reports are available for nearly all short-term acute hospitals in the United States. Due to data limitations or the timing of the report, your facility may not be available at this time. See if your hospital is included.

What information do I need to provide?

In order to generate a report, you only need to select a hospital and 10 peer hospitals to benchmark against.

When will I receive the report?

The report is delivered as soon as your purchase is finalized.

Why do I need this report?

This report provides actionable information regarding hospital operating costs, hospital margins, case-mix and patient severity-adjusted billed charges, and RVU-weighted length of stay relativities. Learn more.

Can I see a sample report?

A sample copy is available here.