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Volatile markets and the growing complexity of the risks undertaken by life insurers require access to real-time information and data to drive timely risk management, make informed decisions, and stay ahead of the competition.

Regulatory requirements are only one part of the big picture—insurers also need to address a much broader range of business objectives. We have engineered a powerful new Economic Capital modelling system, ECSight™, to help our clients:

  • Monitor solvency metrics and risk exposures with high frequency.
  • Develop robust, timely, and consistent analytics across business units and at group level.
  • Build intuition about balance sheet risk behavior.
  • Measure the impact of potential market events before they happen.
  • Evaluate the efficacy of alternative ALM strategies and other management actions.
  • Provide timely insight into the impact of regulatory changes.
  • Adopt more robust and suitable measures of risk capital by leveraging sophisticated and computationally demanding modeling techniques not previously accessible.
  • Validate actuarial models and risk calibrations through historical back-testing and forward projections.

Contact us to learn how to get started with ECSight.

Next Steps

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