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The advantage your competitors don’t want you to know about

Understand how your premiums compare with those of your competitors.

Discover new market segments where you have a significant competitive edge.

Identify market sectors where you might be experiencing adverse selection.

Access competitive information you need to make sound pricing decisions.

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Pixel video

Given the complexity of personal lines rating structures, variation in rating methods, frequent rate changes, and new market entrants, it’s hard for any company to be fully informed about its competitive position. Relying on agent feedback and looking at competitor quotes one risk at a time is no longer sufficient.

Pixel® is a web-based, interactive premium comparison platform that helps you use objective and comprehensive information to grow your business. Pixel analyzes portfolios from various sources: your recent quotes, current policies, or Milliman’s market basket datasets, which are populated with hundreds of thousands of risk profiles calibrated to represent various markets. Our market baskets can be used not only for competitive analysis, but also for catastrophe modeling and other GIS-based analysis.

With Pixel, you can produce competitive metrics based on a big-picture view, a targeted drill-down on a specific segment, or anything in between.

Pixel can show you how your bind rates will change based on your competitive position

Features of the platform

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Milliman’s goal is to provide the tools, information, and insight you need to get better results for your company. We can help you create competitive advantages by better understanding how your rate structure relates to customer behavior and market position, while focusing on your unique business needs.

To learn more about your competitive position with Milliman’s Pixel competitive analytics platform, contact pixel@milliman.com.

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